Term of Service
Term of Service


Terms & Conditions

We want you to spend your time as well and productively as possible on the site. If you have any problems or questions about how to use the site and its services, then you can contact the help section or the support service.


1.1 We are pleased to offer you online services for dating.

1.2 These Terms & Conditions, along with Privacy Policy, form a legally binding Agreement between the site (WEST-EAST INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COMPANY) and its users.

1.3 We have responsibilities for all content on the site.

1.4 This Agreement is subject to change at any time and applies to all users of the site.

1.5 When you become a Member, you get access to all the Services of the Site. If you meet all the requirements, the Site can make your profile visible to other sites of this Company, even if you are not a Member of these Services.

1.6 You can also use all the functions of the Site that are controlled by us.

1.8 You must comply with the laws. You agree not to use the services for the purpose of insulting, slander, hatred, racism (and for any other disrespectful purposes).

1.9 If you break the rules, we have the right to block your access to the site. These Terms & Conditions contain important information, which include an agreement to participate in the arbitration if you have any claims.


2.1 In these Terms & Conditions:

2.2 The term “Apps” means all Mobile, Desktop and Web applications.

2.3 “Member” is any person who is accepted into the site’s membership. There are two types of Members – paying and free.

2.4 “Membership” means that you are entitled to certain services or only one service. By becoming a Member, you are automatically provided by all the services available on a general basis. You are not required to update your account to get access to all the features of the Site as all the aforementioned services are available to any Member.

2.5 “Mobile Apps” is software for iOS, Android or others. The company is entitled to offer it sometimes.

2.6 “Privacy Policy” is a site privacy policy combined with Terms & Conditions. All this constitutes an Agreement between You and the Site.

2.7 “Services” are provided by the Site and all that the user can use.

2.8 “Terms & Conditions” constitutes an Agreement between You and the Site that can be changed or supplemented at any time at the discretion of the moderators.

2.9 “User” is any person who is a Member or ordinary Visitor.

2.10 “Visitors” are people who view the Site.

2.11 “Web Apps” are applications of the Company.

2.12 “Websites” are the online platforms managed by the Company.


3.1 Using the services of means that the user fully accepts all terms and conditions of the Agreement. In case of disagreement with the Agreement, the user should not perform any operations. The governing law of these Terms and Conditions is the law of the United Kingdom.

3.2 Your messages are not always encrypted, and we can’t control everything that you write regarding compliance with our Terms & Conditions.


4.1 To use the Site, you must have a profile.

4.2 You yourself are responsible for the confidentiality of your login and password.

4.3 If needed, you must verify your identity.

4.4 The Site is available to everyone.

4.5 All Users must observe the rules of the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

4.6 You can’t use the Site if:

4.6.1 You have not reached the age of 18. Minors do not have the right to use the Site and provide any information about themselves. If we find out that the User is under the age of 18, we will immediately delete their accounts.
4.6.2 You have been convicted of a violent or criminal crime. Our site does not check the criminal past of each user. Therefore, you must be vigilant and observe precautions. For example, going on a date, tell someone about this and meet with a person in a crowded place.
4.6.3 You were previously forbidden to use the Site and you are in the blacklist of users.

4.7 The site is not responsible for any actions of users who use the Services.


5.1 You must agree to all conditions of the Site.

5.2 If you do not accept them, you cannot use the Site.

5.3 If you:

5.3.1 use the Site;
5.3.2 sign in;
5.3.3 agree to these Terms & Conditions, we will take this as your agreement to all the Conditions.

5.4 By using our Site, you understand that you conclude a legal contract in the country where you live.


6.1 You agree to abide by laws and regulations.

6.2 You cannot:

6.2.1 discriminate against other users by race, religion, gender, personal and political beliefs, external characteristics, and professional activities;
6.2.2 use the Site for professional or commercial purposes, including the promotion and offer of your services. Prostitution services are strictly prohibited on the Site;
6.2.3 participate in any illegal activity using our Site;
6.2.4 post content that does not comply with the Terms & Conditions:

  • infringes copyright, patent, trademark;
  • violates the law which bears civil liability;
  • is fake and misleading;
  • is slanderous, pornography, offensive;
  • is racist, hateful, and harmful to other users;
  • is violent or threatening;
  • is illegal;
  • is a violation of the above rules;
6.2.5 Dissemination of personal information about another user without their consent.

6.3 Each User is obliged to inform the site moderators about the abuse of services by another User, their unacceptable comments and behavior.

6.4 The site constantly checks the services. We have the right to remove or hide any illegal content.

6.5 We can ask the user to delete or change information, which violates the Terms & Conditions.

6.6 We can block or delete any user who seems to us an offender.


7.1 You must select a username and password to use the site.

7.2 You will not become a Member without specific registration.

7.3 Username and password must be personal. You must keep them secret and not give this information to anyone.

7.4 No one has the right to use someone else’s password and username.

7.5 Any violation of these rules can lead to a ban.

7.6 We will take all necessary measures in the event of an account hack.

7.7 We can delete a profile that has been inactive for more than 6 months or has never been used after joining a membership.

7.8 Each user agrees not to disrupt the operation of the site, including the distribution of viruses, spam, etc.


8.1 You can purchase a full or partial Membership.

8.2 Paid membership will give you access to advanced services.

8.3 Price and payment procedures are available on the Site.

8.4 All taxes are already included in the price.

8.5 Price may vary. If you are not satisfied with the price, you can refuse membership. Funds will not be refunded if you canceled the membership not in accordance with the Terms & Conditions.

8.6 If you have not paid for services, we can suspend access to all services. In accordance with the law, we will send a request to the collection agency for late payment. You have the right to dispute it if you think you are being wrongly accused.

8.7 We are entitled to offer services through other providers such as the App Store and the Android market.

8.8 These paid services may have a different price. This will be brought to your attention in advance. You must comply with all purchase rules.

8.9. Presents:
On our site, you can flirt with the users by sending the virtual gifts, beautiful “cars” and “rings” among others. You can choose from a vast variety of beautifully designed presents. The girls will highly appreciate the attention you give them. The prices vary from reasonably low to excitingly generous, which might be a great start for a nice conversation. Your account will be automatically charged as soon as you send a gift to one of our beauties. The woman is going to keep the present for as long as she uses the website.


9.1 We have the right to renew all paid memberships. When you first sign up for a paid Membership, you agree to automatically renew it before the deadline. If you do not want us to renew your Membership, you must cancel it in accordance with the Terms & Conditions that are described below.


10.1 If we cancel a Member’s Membership due to a violation of the rules, the money will not be refunded.

10.2 If we cancel Member’s Membership for some reasons that are taken into account in the Terms & Conditions, the Member has the right to receive a refund remaining until the account expires.


11.1 The technologies that you use on our Site comply with the minimum requirements provided by us.

11.2 We have the right to ask you to download updates for the site. You agree that we sometimes update applications notifying you of this (sometimes without notifying), add and remove functions from time to time.

11.3 You agree that we are not obligated:
11.3.1 make all subsequent versions of the site and applications available to you;
11.3.2 that all functions and services may change and we can close access at any time if the rules of use are violated.


12.1 The site can change and update its Services and makes it accessible to users. You agree that you accept this fact and can use the Services after they are available after the update. If you do not agree to the Terms & Conditions, then immediately stop using the Site.


13.1 You agree that the site may change and update services and applications, as well as restrict your use at any time and without sending notifications.

13.2 You yourself are responsible for the costs of data transfer, messaging, website, and Internet fees.

13.3 You agree that the site may disable or refuse services to you without notifying you of the reasons. If you are denied access to the site, you will not be able to use the services.


14.1 The site grants you a license to:
14.1.1 installing a mobile application on one or more phones that belong to you and meet the minimum requirements of the company;
14.1.2 viewing and using any information provided to you by the company.

14.2 You agree not to get access with the help of bots, the use of scripts, and third-party applications.

14.3 You agree that by using the Service, you do not violate any laws, regulations, or rules.

14.4 You cannot remove all service ownership rights and copy software; perform the purchase and sale process, act as a service bureau, and offer services and software to other people without the prior consent of the Site; mislead other site users.

14.5 You agree not to do the things that:

  • contribute to human rights abuses;
  • are slanderous, pornography, offensive;
  • are racist, hateful, and harmful to other users;
  • infringe copyright, patent, trademark, and so on;
  • encourage any behavior that violates the law and entails civil liability;
  • are fraudulent, untruthful, and misleading;
  • lead to delusion and deception;
  • are against the laws.

14.6 You cannot share information about other users.

14.7 You cannot interfere with the operation of the Site and Applications.

14.8 You cannot try to gain unauthorized access.

14.9 You cannot develop, transmit, share information that is fake and offensive, and insulting.

14.10 Each User is obligated to report offenses and offensive comments from other Users.

14.11 We have the right to delete or modify information distributed publicly if it does not comply with the Terms & Conditions.

14.12 We can contact any user and ask to delete information that does not meet Terms & Conditions.

14.13 We may remove or terminate your account for some time if you are under the age of 18 or violate the rules Terms & Conditions.

14.14 We may restrict or completely block access to our services for any reason specified above. You agree to be responsible for all the actions you make on the site. And the company is not responsible to you and your actions.


15.1 Our Site may contain links to other services and sites.

15.2 We are not responsible for the content of other sites and the damage that they can cause.

15.3 We allow other sites to advertise on our site. We do not bear responsibility and guarantees for all contents of other sites.


16.1 Intellectual property rights include our Services, website design, and all the content. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED.

16.2 Nothing listed in the previous paragraphs may be copied, distributed, posted on other resources, or used without the prior consent of the Company. However, you can download and store it in your gadgets or electronic media, and use it for non-commercial purposes.

16.3 All content on this site is protected by law.

16.4 All authors of works on our Site have declared their rights to be identified as authors of works.


17.1 You understand that you use applications and sites of your own free will and at your own risk.

17.2 The site does not guarantee the accuracy and authenticity of information and materials from users.

17.3 The Company does not guarantee you that:
17.3.1 you can get a full range of services on Sites or in Applications;
17.3.2 the operation of the Sites and Applications will be uninterrupted and error-free;
17.3.3 you will be satisfied with Services;
17.3.4 errors in the Apps, Sites, and Services will be fixed;
17.3.5 Apps, Sites, and Services will not contain viruses.

17.4 You understand that you are downloading all the material at your own risk. The company does not bear responsibility for damage caused to your devices.


18.1 You yourself are responsible for your own safety and personal meeting with other users.

18.2 We are not liable for any loss when using the services, including losses arising as a result of communication with other Users.


19.1 You agree and indemnify all losses that arise or are associated with lawsuits, lawyers, litigation in connection with: 19.1.1 your info uploaded or provided on the Site;
19.1.2 your use of the Site, including your meetings with other people you meet through the Site;
19.1.3 your violation of any laws and rules, or orders of any governmental authorities in connection with your use of the Site;
19.1.4 your information or data transmitted through your computer or any other gadget that violates the rights of any other person;
19.1.5 notwithstanding the foregoing, the parties reserve the right to settle everything by prior agreement.

19.2 You understand that you will damage the company if you don’t act according to the Terms & Conditions and applicable law of your country.


You have to read this section carefully.

20.1 In the event of any dispute, it is recommended to resolve it using informal means first. If the parties cannot do this, then an arbitration court will be engaged in it.

20.2 The Arbitration Court is a permanent official state body that administers justice in the field of business and other economic activities.

20.3 Everything will happen in a strictly confidential manner.

20.4 If your desire to refuse a jury or participation in a class action is not valid, then the arbitration will be deemed invalid and none of the parties will have the right to consider the dispute in arbitration.

20.5 The trial will be held in the presence of a lawyer or a former judge who has been working in this field for at least 5 years.

20.6 To start the proceedings, you must send a letter with a statement and description of your claim.

20.7 You and we must understand that breaking the rules can harm both parties. Therefore, we and you can ask for additional help.


21.1 Any claim must be filed no later than 6 months after the incident. Refusal by a party to present an arbitration claim within the relevant statute of limitations constitutes a refusal by that party of its right to bring such a complaint regarding to any dispute in any form, and a complete refusal of any claim based on any conflict, and the judge does not have jurisdiction to decide on parties that did not present their issue to the determination within the applicable limitation period.


22.1 The agreement was not created for partnerships or relations between the parties.

22.2 The company has the right to transfer its rights without your consent.

22.3 Rights granted to you cannot be transferred without the prior consent of the company, and any unauthorized attempt to appropriate them will be considered illegal.


23.1 The Unforeseen Circumstances include any actions or events that are beyond the scope of this Agreement.

23.2 The Company is not responsible for non-performance or delay of obligations if they occur due to unforeseen circumstances.

23.3 If the Services are not provided within 14 days due to Unforeseen Circumstances, then parties may terminate the Agreement without the right to demand compensation.

Privacy Policy

The site and other projects of the company take into account your personal data and have developed a privacy policy that protects them. To prove this, we put it on public display. We recommend that you carefully read it. By using and agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, you agree to the use of services according to our Privacy Policy.

When you become a Member, you gain access to the services of the Company.

If you meet the requirements, the company in its own view makes your profile visible or invisible to other participants.

To find you a suitable partner, we collect the necessary information about you, but it is protected by us. We have created technical protection of your data: all information is encrypted, there is no unauthorized access, your information is available only to a few employees and only in certain situations.

Since communication with other participants of the Site is carried out through messages, your contact details will never be transmitted. We may change the privacy policy from time to time. Your access to the site and its further use means that you have read the privacy policy and agree to all points.


All your personal info is collected and processed by the Site.

When you register, you agree to our Terms of Use and disclosure of your personal information that you provide on the site.

We will comply with laws governing the use of personal information.

If you have any questions, then contact us by email: [email protected]


(a) We use all possible methods of protection against unauthorized use. All information you provide is encrypted. We use SSM protection. This is a common technology from hacking. Access to your personal information is limited. Only a few employees can see it in the event of a situation violating our Terms & Conditions. Some information may be stored and processed outside your jurisdiction of residence. It may be subject to a request for access by the courts and government bodies.

(b) Users under 18 years old cannot use the site. But we understand that sites are accessible to any user who has the Internet. Thus, children less than 18 years old do not have the right to upload personal information. If you find out that some person who is under 18 years old uses our website, we will delete this profile. If you consider any profile suspiciously, let us know via email or address.


Our Site is a service that unites people looking for a long-term relationship. To do this, we collect and process the data of our Users.

(a) If you visit our site without registration, we do not need information about you. But we collect, know your IP address, the websites from which you visit us, the date and time of your search, your browser settings, and the operating system. This information is used by us to collect statistics.

(b) If you want to register and use the services of our site, then we must know some information about you. We use only the information that you personally provide (for example, contact information, photos, password, your gender, and gender of the person you are looking for).

You must pass the test to find the best partner for you. It includes height, weight, marital status, education, place of residence, salary. Passing the test, you must answer some personal questions. But questions regarding racial prejudice and ethnicity, religion, political views are strictly confidential and protected.

(bb) If you are a Paying Member, you must provide the following information: your name and surname, details of a bank account or credit card, home address.
(cc) To use the Site, you must log in with your username and password. Your site visit is stored in the visit log. This information consists of: IP address, user ID, access time and date, page name, amount of personal information transmitted, cookies. All information is anonymous.
(dd) Gathering information helps users find suitable partners. However, this information also helps identify illegal and non-sanctioned acts:
If you agree, our Site may send you notifications by email. You can disable this service at any time.
“Likes”: Using the “like” button, you can express attraction under the photo of any user. Users will be notified of this. You can also see how many people and who clicked the “like” button under your photo.
“Message Read”: Those who have a Premium account can see if other users have read their messages.
Import photos from Facebook: If you use Facebook, you can upload photos from your profile. To do this, go to the Site through your Facebook account. After that, you will be asked which photos to upload to your page. You can choose no more than 25 photos.
Personality Profile: To find the right couple, you must go through the test that will be reflected on your page.

(c) Sharing private info

We never share your personal information with other users. Communication occurs only through the site. You decide who to share your personal information and contacts with. Some data will always be available to other users. This is your age, gender, profession, habits, and children. You agree to the public disclosure of this data. If you do not want to make this information publicly available, do not indicate it in your profile.

In addition to the strict modernization of the site, outsourcing companies have the right to check photographs for authenticity in order to protect our users from scammers.

We can transfer all information about you to third parties in the event of the sale or transfer of the site. Moreover, we have the right to transmit information to law enforcement if necessary. We can also transfer information about you from the following cases: (i) investigation; (ii) cooperation in any investigation; (iii) initiation of criminal proceedings against a person violating the rules of the site; or (iv) protection of our rights. We can disclose information that you yourself allow to disclose.

(d) Cookies

Cookies can store any information about you. But you can change your browser settings so that it rejects or accepts cookies. If you refuse to use cookies, some offers of our Site will be limited for you. Using cookies, Google analyzes the behavior of the Users and then uses this data for recommendations in advertising.

(e) Usage of different programs

Our site can create anonymous profiles to improve the service. To do this, we analyze the behavior of users on the Internet using Google Analytics. Google will use all incoming information to evaluate the use of the site. Reports contain geographic and demographic data based on user interactions. Google may share this information with third parties, but it won’t use your IP address. You may object to the collection and processing of your personal information.

(g) Use of Facebook, Google+ and Twitter Plugins

No service contract can charge you more than $1,000. Also, such a contract cannot be extended for more than two years.

Not a single referral service agreement can DEMAND you to pay for services.

If a social referral service costs more than $25, it should provide you with a certain number of referrals per month. (For example, our company gives you access to all users and services). If these conditions are not met, you can terminate the contract and receive a refund of all money, taking into account the cancellation fee (no more than 15 percent).

Your social reference service should indicate the distance that you are ready to travel in case you need to meet with a referral.

Your social reference service should solve the problem if you have moved outside the area provided by the company. (You can get a refund remaining on your account after you have moved more than 50 miles from our service area. But we will subtract $10 for the service).

If any condition of the contract has been violated, you can file a lawsuit.

Each party that has suffered a violation of this section may file a claim for damages or an amount of $50.

In cities of over one million people, local governments may require the licensing of such social referral services. The licensing fee should not exceed $340 for 2 years. The Company does not have the right to transmit in any way personal information received from you.

If you want, you can suspend your membership for up to one year. To do this, write a letter observing all the rules described above.

After the expiration of your membership, you can demand the return of all personal information including photos. To do this, you must send a written application to the address above.

Any user can view your publicly available information and photos posted on the site.

Your profile and all the information in it is offered to other users for our matching method. This feature can be disabled in your account. In this mode, you will not be offered to other users, and they will not be able to see your profile.

All users can see when you visit their profiles. You can also see if someone visits your page.

Other users may send you messages on the Site. But we will never disclose your email address.

You can “block” people you don’t want to correspond with.

We may send you a notification if users have visited your profile, smiled at you, or a new user that matches your parameters registered.

We may send you important information or special offers.

We may send notifications of offers and events from our partners.

If you want to change the notification settings, it may take 48 hours. After that, you will not receive any messages from us.

Our site uses different plugins. Your browser establishes a connection with the site, transfers the contents of the plugin and integrates into web sites. For example, if you clicked the “like” button under some photo, this information is transferred to your social networks. If you do not want them to collect data, then, you can read the privacy policy on the site and cancel the collection of information.

(h) Checking of personal information

To protect our users from people abusing the service, we use various monitoring programs. Moreover, if some actions seem suspicious to us, we can block the account. Our Site has the right to check text messages if there is a suspicion of abuse of services. Without prior notification, we may also prejudice the sending and receiving of messages with pornographic, erotic, and any other illegal context.


If we use your data that requires your consent in accordance with the law, we will always notify you of this. You can decline or consent to this. To do this, you need to contact us.


At any time, you can get information about personal data that remains with us. You can ask to delete or change it. Please note that this is not possible in some cases. In addition, any law enforcement authorities have the right to ask for your personal information. To receive, correct or delete information, you must contact us.


You must understand that any information you provide on the Internet may be available to other people all around the world. Our site warns that any information (even though it is protected and encrypted) may be exposed. After all, always remember that you are in a public place and should treat your personal information responsibly.

Refund Policy

Your payments

The Refund Policy works for all payments made on our site, as well as all connected applications, sites, tools, and services.


Your acceptance of the Refund Policy Rules takes effect immediately after you sign up, access or use the site, or any related content, service, product, technology or features related to the platform, including offered services, sites, and applications.

We reserve the right to make alterations to the Refund Policy at any time. The completed version of the updated changes becomes valid after being made public and published by stating the actual date. If the completed version is of any fundamental upgrades and changed details vital for the customers, they will be notified at least 30 days before the moment of its entry into force. Upon the time the revised Refund Policy is published, customers are considered such that have agreed to all amendments.

By accessing our site, you agree that the Refund Policy does not interfere or violate in any way the local laws of your region.


A wide range of the features provided by the site is free, for example, searching for the profiles of users and entering into communication with them. These services can be treated as the major and most fundamental. In no way, you are obliged to pay for them or any other additional features to use the platform properly.

By doing this, you agree to accept the possible increase in prices that do not give you the legal right for a refund. You will be notified about the payment change at least 7 days before the revised Membership terms come into force.

What is a Membership?

Memberships are sets of special features and premium possibilities available for additional payment. They were designed to make the searching and communication more effective and enable you to reach specific goals, such as meeting members of a certain description, faster.

Communication limits do not entitle refund

Members of our site are provided with some features that need to be followed to understand and accept the Refund Policy.

Dating services that work on the base of paid transactions, may ask members to provide payments before enabling them to send messages. Freemium platforms like this ask users to pay to receive the right to send messages in a specific number stated.

The way our dating site approaches clients differs. All members are allowed to exchange an unlimited number of messages with others on the platform. They can both send or receive messages for free not being tied to any paid credits for their number.

You, as a member of our dating service, can pay to switch on the feature of limiting the incoming messages. In this way, you will be disturbed less.

You can also use the collections of features called “message filters”.

They include the possibility to block incoming messages or putting them into another folder according to the filters you apply. For instance, you may limit the income of the messages from the users who are located further than the reach circle you set.

After deciding to do so, neither we nor you will be tormented by the messages of the sender stating that «distance doesn’t matter, why do you reject me straight away??»

We are strongly convinced that you are to decide what are your requirements towards potential candidates and which kind of person you would like to spend time with. No one has the right to put the pressure on you or ask for explanations of your choice. That is why we provide you with the possibility to filter messages and restrict communication with certain users if the ever demand anything from you or complain about your expectations that they did not follow.

Regarding the details described earlier, you may be ready that the chance you will not be able to reach a certain user always exists, as we make all our members equal and provide them with the same range of features and rights.

The nest cases do not fall under the conditions of the Refund: being restricted from sending messages to certain members, not receiving a response, losing the right to communicate with them or see their profile. As these conditions may the choice of our members that we respect in equal measure as yours.

Neither is you not reading carefully and agreeing to our Refund Policy or not understanding the work of the «message filters» the grounds for getting a Refund.

No refund for renewal for 1 month

You can refuse the renewal at any moment. You can switch to the more or less expensive Membership at any time, they will come into force almost immediately for additional payments. Forgetting about having to pay for the renewal or being charged with the bill for the 1-month payment is not the ground for getting a refund.

Technical issues

The refund for payments made occasionally by our fault or the malfunctions of the algorithms provided by the third party is carried out in case of the user’s request for a refund. The detailed guide on how to do this you can find in the “How to ask for refund, Disputes” section.

We provide our services based on our own regards and obligations, not providing any kind of warranty. You may get your money back in case we admit the “bugs” in our system or upgrade your Membership for free in case of our mistake.

No other conditions except for the incorrect payments can serve grounds for getting a refund.

Violations of the Terms of Conditions

Other members violating the Term and Conditions of using our site do not serve a reason to pay you a refund.

In case you refuse to continue the membership, we are not obliged to pay you back the rest of the money spent on Membership. The site reserves the right to block any user by blocking his membership without explanation and paying a refund. This choice can be disputed by our own will.

We are of no interest to randomly block users; those are desperate measures in case we do not see another way out of the situation.

Spam and scam filtering

Spam and scam filtering features are algorithms we have paid the most attention to and are the proudest of. They are aimed to protect all users equally. If they could be provided to users for free, we would not hesitate to offer all not paid members such a possibility.

The system behind their work is not yet bound to artificial intelligence, that is the work of real people invested in it and only the engagement of live solutions helped it to be so effective. It is close to impossible to trigger the system by activities that do not interfere with other users accessing the site.

Users that fall under the effect of the system may get unblocked, after this we also offer them some practical advice on how to avoid being restricted again. No refund is provided for the members who the system chooses to block forever and its decision was not regarded by our policy.

How to ask for a refund, Disputes

To do this, you should turn to Membership support. You may as well contact us by sending an email. These are the requirement for applying for a refund, not following them users have no chance of winning a dispute against the site:
A member should contact us first
A member should contact through the Membership support interface
A member should give the site up to 3 workdays for a first answer back, the day you contacted the support counts to be the first
A member should be ready to wait for up to 21 work days for the request to be processed

The way the user chooses to contact the company will not interfere with the final decision making, requests sent by emails are of no less priority than the one made using phone calls.

The users get deprived of the possibility to get a refund in case they contacted their payment provider or bank before applying for the refund directly to us through the Membership support interface.

All members of our site agree that asking for a refund before following all the conditions required by the site (including contacting the site’s teams through the Membership support interface and giving it the 3 plus 21 work days for processing the request) makes them lose any rights for being paid back. They accept that under such conditions, they get automatically deprived of the right to enter the dispute, lose any repeated disputes and do not get any refund. This refers to all cases of not following the requirements, except for the condition of our own technical issues, our failure to follow the obligations by a mistake or unforeseen circumstances.


circumstances oblige the site to pay members money back in the sum bigger than they have spent. We have to provide neither you nor any of your relatives, friends, third parties connected with a refund for the damages made as a result of using our site, no conditions will serve ground for that. Please, see our Terms and Conditions.

The same is concerned with the limitations connected with the exchange rations. The site is not held responsible to pay members a refund higher than they have spent in case of the difference between the currency rates used during the transactions. The main currency of the site is Euro (EUR).

By purchasing any service provided by our dating platform you fully accept all the rules described above.

Cancellation Policy

If, for some reason, you would like to cancel your membership on the Site, you should contact our management team in order to decide whether you want to temporarily suspend your account or delete it whatsoever. Since we don’t charge users with the membership fee or any other mandatory, automatically renewable packages and/or payments, you are not needed to cancel any payments. However, the credits you have bought are non-refundable; therefore, if you decide to delete your account, the credits will be likewise deleted.

In case you want to leave your profile online without taking any payments, you can do so. You will not be able to use any special communication services e.g. dating chat, video chat etc., but your account will remain visible to other users of the Site.

We are fully aware that some of the users might want to remove their profiles and personal information from the Site for reasons unrelated to the service and its content (finding a partner, getting married etc.) and, therefore, we are fully responsible for deleting any user’s profile promptly by request. Having your profile suspended or deleted is not the same as canceling your membership, so be sure to decide on your payment situation in advance. Contact our management team for extra details.

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