Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The site and other projects of the WEST-EAST INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COMPANY take into account your personal data and have developed a privacy policy that protects them. To prove this, we put it on public display. We recommend that you carefully read it. By using and agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, you agree to the use of services according to our Privacy Policy.

When you become a Member, you gain access to the services of the Company.

If you meet the requirements, the company in its own view makes your profile visible or invisible to other participants.

To find you a suitable partner, we collect the necessary information about you, but it is protected by us. We have created technical protection of your data: all information is encrypted, there is no unauthorized access, your information is available only to a few employees and only in certain situations.

Since communication with other participants of the Site is carried out through messages, your contact details will never be transmitted. We may change the privacy policy from time to time. Your access to the site and its further use means that you have read the privacy policy and agree to all points.


All your personal info is collected and processed by the Site.

When you register, you agree to our Terms of Use and disclosure of your personal information that you provide on the site.

We will comply with laws governing the use of personal information.

If you have any questions, then contact us by email: [email protected]


(a) We use all possible methods of protection against unauthorized use. All information you provide is encrypted. We use SSM protection. This is a common technology from hacking. Access to your personal information is limited. Only a few employees can see it in the event of a situation violating our Terms & Conditions. Some information may be stored and processed outside your jurisdiction of residence. It may be subject to a request for access by the courts and government bodies.

(b) Users under 18 years old cannot use the site. But we understand that sites are accessible to any user who has the Internet. Thus, children less than 18 years old do not have the right to upload personal information. If you find out that some person who is under 18 years old uses our website, we will delete this profile. If you consider any profile suspiciously, let us know via email or address.


Our Site is a service that unites people looking for a long-term relationship. To do this, we collect and process the data of our Users.

(a) If you visit our site without registration, we do not need information about you. But we collect, know your IP address, the websites from which you visit us, the date and time of your search, your browser settings, and the operating system. This information is used by us to collect statistics.

(b) If you want to register and use the services of our site, then we must know some information about you. We use only the information that you personally provide (for example, contact information, photos, password, your gender, and gender of the person you are looking for).

You must pass the test to find the best partner for you. It includes height, weight, marital status, education, place of residence, salary. Passing the test, you must answer some personal questions. But questions regarding racial prejudice and ethnicity, religion, political views are strictly confidential and protected.

  • If you are a Paying Member, you must provide the following information: your name and surname, details of a bank account or credit card, home address.
  • To use the Site, you must log in with your username and password. Your site visit is stored in the visit log. This information consists of: IP address, user ID, access time and date, page name, amount of personal information transmitted, cookies. All information is anonymous.
  • Gathering information helps users find suitable partners. However, this information also helps identify illegal and non-sanctioned acts:

If you agree, our Site may send you notifications by email. You can disable this service at any time.

  • “Likes”: Using the “like” button, you can express attraction under the photo of any user. Users will be notified of this. You can also see how many people and who clicked the “like” button under your photo.
  • “Message Read”: Those who have a Premium account can see if other users have read their messages.
  • Import photos from Facebook: If you use Facebook, you can upload photos from your profile. To do this, go to the Site through your Facebook account. After that, you will be asked which photos to upload to your page. You can choose no more than 25 photos.
  • Personality Profile: To find the right couple, you must go through the test that will be reflected on your page.

(c) Sharing private info

We never share your personal information with other users. Communication occurs only through the site. You decide who to share your personal information and contacts with. Some data will always be available to other users. This is your age, gender, profession, habits, and children. You agree to the public disclosure of this data. If you do not want to make this information publicly available, do not indicate it in your profile.

In addition to the strict modernization of the site, outsourcing companies have the right to check photographs for authenticity in order to protect our users from scammers.

We can transfer all information about you to third parties in the event of the sale or transfer of the site. Moreover, we have the right to transmit information to law enforcement if necessary. We can also transfer information about you from the following cases: (i) investigation; (ii) cooperation in any investigation; (iii) initiation of criminal proceedings against a person violating the rules of the site; or (iv) protection of our rights. We can disclose information that you yourself allow to disclose.

(d) Cookies

Cookies can store any information about you. But you can change your browser settings so that it rejects or accepts cookies. If you refuse to use cookies, some offers of our Site will be limited for you. Using cookies, Google analyzes the behavior of the Users and then uses this data for recommendations in advertising.

(e) Usage of different programs

Our site can create anonymous profiles to improve the service. To do this, we analyze the behavior of users on the Internet using Google Analytics. Google will use all incoming information to evaluate the use of the site. Reports contain geographic and demographic data based on user interactions. Google may share this information with third parties, but it won’t use your IP address. You may object to the collection and processing of your personal information.

(g) Use of Facebook, Google+ and Twitter Plugins

No service contract can charge you more than $1,000. Also, such a contract cannot be extended for more than two years.

Not a single referral service agreement can DEMAND you to pay for services.

If a social referral service costs more than $25, it should provide you with a certain number of referrals per month. (For example, our company gives you access to all users and services). If these conditions are not met, you can terminate the contract and receive a refund of all money, taking into account the cancellation fee (no more than 15 percent).

Your social reference service should indicate the distance that you are ready to travel in case you need to meet with a referral.

Your social reference service should solve the problem if you have moved outside the area provided by the company. (You can get a refund remaining on your account after you have moved more than 50 miles from our service area. But we will subtract $10 for the service).

If any condition of the contract has been violated, you can file a lawsuit.

Each party that has suffered a violation of this section may file a claim for damages or an amount of $50.

In cities of over one million people, local governments may require the licensing of such social referral services. The licensing fee should not exceed $340 for 2 years. The Company does not have the right to transmit in any way personal information received from you.

If you want, you can suspend your membership for up to one year. To do this, write a letter observing all the rules described above.

After the expiration of your membership, you can demand the return of all personal information including photos. To do this, you must send a written application to the address above.

Any user can view your publicly available information and photos posted on the site.

Your profile and all the information in it is offered to other users for our matching method. This feature can be disabled in your account. In this mode, you will not be offered to other users, and they will not be able to see your profile.

All users can see when you visit their profiles. You can also see if someone visits your page.

Other users may send you messages on the Site. But we will never disclose your email address.

You can “block” people you don’t want to correspond with.

We may send you a notification if users have visited your profile, smiled at you, or a new user that matches your parameters registered.

We may send you important information or special offers.

We may send notifications of offers and events from our partners.

If you want to change the notification settings, it may take 48 hours. After that, you will not receive any messages from us.

Our site uses different plugins. Your browser establishes a connection with the site, transfers the contents of the plugin and integrates into web sites. For example, if you clicked the “like” button under some photo, this information is transferred to your social networks. If you do not want them to collect data, then, you can read the privacy policy on the site and cancel the collection of information.

(h) Checking of personal information

To protect our users from people abusing the service, we use various monitoring programs. Moreover, if some actions seem suspicious to us, we can block the account. Our Site has the right to check text messages if there is a suspicion of abuse of services. Without prior notification, we may also prejudice the sending and receiving of messages with pornographic, erotic, and any other illegal context.


If we use your data that requires your consent in accordance with the law, we will always notify you of this. You can decline or consent to this. To do this, you need to contact us.


At any time, you can get information about personal data that remains with us. You can ask to delete or change it. Please note that this is not possible in some cases. In addition, any law enforcement authorities have the right to ask for your personal information. To receive, correct or delete information, you must contact us.


You must understand that any information you provide on the Internet may be available to other people all around the world. Our site warns that any information (even though it is protected and encrypted) may be exposed. After all, always remember that you are in a public place and should treat your personal information responsibly.

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