1. Gathering and Storage of Personal Data and the Goal of Their Using

a) When you go to the site

When you open the site, information is automatically transmitted by the browser used on your gadget to our site servers. These data are stored temporally in the log file. The following data are gathered during the process without your participation and retained until the automatic removal according to applicable data protection regulations:

  • The IP address of your PC,
  • Date and hour of access,
  • Name and URL of the demanded file,
  • Site from which access is provided,
  • Your browser, and optionally, your PC’s operation system and data of the access provider.

Services that we use in our work, utilize cookies in the process to gather statistics and make everything more ease of use. For example, when you decide to watch a video, you may launch the process of additional data handling. We don’t influence that in any way.

In addition to some admin purposes, we process the above-mentioned data to achieve the following:

  • Be sure the website makes the connection without any delays
  • Be sure the site is user-friendly
  • Check of system security

We don’t gather your personal data to identify you, only the above-mentioned purposes are on the table. You are not legally obliged to provide your personal information, but you cannot get access to the site if you don’t provide this info. Our site uses cookies and analytical services when you use our site.

b) When you make subscription to the newsletters

If you have agreed to provide your personal info, according to the GDPR, we will provide you with our newsletters regularly, having used your email. If you change your mind and decide to unsubscribe, you can do that easily, using the link, specified at the end of a newsletter.

c) When you use our contact form

You can contact us, using a contact form that you can find on the site. You should use only a valid email to make us know the owner of the request, so that we can get a correct respond to it. You can provide all additional info optionally. As soon as your inquiry will be handled, all your personal info gathered will be immediately deleted.

All info provided is processed with your concurrence to reach the site and interact with other users.

2. Disclosure of Data

We don’t disclosure your private information to third persons if it’s not about the following cases:

  • You have voluntarily agreed to do that according to GDPR;
  • It is required by our legitimate interests or ones of the third person, and the fact that your data must not be disclosed is not confirmed;
  • It is required by law according to GDPR (including cases when it is done for the performance of treaty relations with you.

3. Cookies and Web Storage

When you go to our site, we retain data on your PC in the form of cookies and web storage (it’s about supercookies). Both options represent small files that are sent from the Internet server to your browser and retained on your hard disk. Data are retained in one or another form depending on the end device used. Nonetheless, we don’t get any direct information about your identity.

Cookies and super cookies that are used on the site

NameAim and contentExpires
Google Analytics: Used to review the use of the site, prepare reports on the site activities and provide complementary services connected with the site and internet use for the market analysis
__utmaFor differentiating users and sessions2 years
__utmtFor regulating request rate10 minutes
__utmbFor determining new visits30 minutes
__utmvFor retaining visitor-level custom variables2 years
__utmzRetains the traffic source that informs how the user has got to the site6 months
_gaFor distinguishing users2 years
_gidFor distinguishing users24 hours
_gatFor regulating request rate1 minute
Hotjar: Used to review the use of the site, prepare reports on the site activities and provide complementary services connected with the site and internet use for the market analysis
_hj*It uses cookies, for example, keep the user’s responses to the survey365 days
Facebook Pixel: Used to provide you with ads, basing on your interests on Facebook or when you go to the sites that take part in the Facebook Advertising Network (Facebook Ads)
frFor distinguishing users3 months
BuySellAds: Used to provide you with ads, basing on your visits to the sites that take part in the BuySellAds advertising network
 BuySellAds determines which cookies are usedDecided by BuySellAds
Cloudflare: Used to ensure the safety and availability of the site
__cfduidFor distinguishing users1 year
Other cookies and supercookies
localeFor saving the chosen language of the user20 years
hide_switch_localeFor saving info about your chosen languageDepends on max. storage time allowed by your browser
newsletterSubscribedFor saving info about your subscription to the newslettersDepends on max. storage time allowed by your browser
cookieconsentFor saving info about your consent to the usage of cookiesDepends on max. storage time allowed by your browser

Both types of cookies are used to simplify the usage of our site, and they are purged automatically when you close down the site. Some interim cookies are used to improve user-friendliness, they are retained on your end device for a specified period. When you decide to go to our site again, your previously chosen options become available for you automatically. Besides, we use both types of cookies to analyze the statistic data on the usage of the site to provide you with the best offer possible. Cookies that are used for retargeting, are purged automatically over time.

The information obtained via both types of cookies is demanded to meet legitimate interests according to GDPR. If for some reason, you don’t want to accept cookies, you can still use our site without them except for some specified areas of the site.

4. Analysis tools

We use analysis tools to make sure that our site meets your requirements and satisfies your needs, we are constantly working on its optimization to provide you with the best service. The provision of this information is optimal, and you are not obliged to provide us with your personal info. The specific information processing goals and data categories are pointed out under the relevant analysis tools.

a) Google Analytics with anonymization function

We use Google Analytics to design our website according to user preferences and provide constant optimization. Cookies generate information about your usage of our site, and it includes info about the type of browser you use, operational system, last website attended, IP address, and time of server request. This info is used to review the use of the site, prepare reports on the site activities and provide complementary services connected with the site and internet use for the market and improve the site according to your preferences. This info can be given to the third person only if it is demanded by the law. Your IP address remains a secret. You can avoid the usage of cookies with the help of your browser settings, but some functions of the site may not be available. Users may opt-out of the use of the cookies to avoid gathering their data when they visit the site again. This will work out on in the specified browser and only for this site.

b) Hotjar

This tool allows to find out, for example, which buttons and how often users press. One of its main advantages is the ability to get feedback directly from users of the site. Getting such important info helps us constantly improve our site and make it more user-friendly. Your personal data are kept secret, so we can only find out information that can be used for the improvement of our site, for example, the screen size of your device or chosen the language of the site. You can also refuse the usage of Hotjar, so no info will be recorded. You can do that using your browser settings.

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