About Us
About Us

Have you ever thought that behind every great company there is not only a team but also an idea that helps move forward, soar to new destinations, meet new challenges and achieve success? Someone wants to help people stay healthy, others help deal with inner complexes, and we want to help you meet your soulmate. All human beings want to find their partners, become happy and fully satisfied with life. While others are building the space stations and are in the process of testing the new supercar, we are working on creating the best conditions for searching for your one and only. People need each other. This thought has become the motto of our dating site, its main inspiration and driving force. Sometimes we all need a good friend who will help us cope with some challenges, give a bit of advice or just listen. Our unparalleled service can become your good friend if you also believe in true love and want to find happiness in the arms of a worthy woman.

Who Are We?

The service you are currently at is an effort of online dating enthusiasts that have been exploring the world of Internet communication for more than a decade. We have gathered some of the most efficient strategies to help the users get the best experience possible while not being bombarded by useless and money-grabbing features. What it all boils down to is a simple yet well thought-out dating service with hundreds upon hundreds of unique, authentic, and active users. No membership fee or hidden payments. The new era of the Web communication is here!

What Is SWEETY in Its Core?

The name does not always reflect the actual content of a certain phenomenon. But with our website, it’s not the case. Essentially, we want to make sure you understand that we look for nice people with sweet attitude, genuine intentions, and nice appearance to connect in the realms of the dating community. Being sweet in our understanding means having an upright approach and treating others with respect and decency. That is why we have chosen the name you currently see, and we are totally sure that it represents our outlook on how the communication between potential partners should go.

What Makes Us Stand Out Among Other Services?

Sincerity and transparency. Nothing is ever cloaked from our users. Our policy and approach are transparent and easily understandable even for those who have never used dating websites before.

Warranty and guidelines. In no way possible we are able to ensure you succeeding in finding love. However, we will do our best to make your experience 100% comfortable and satisfactory.

Easiness and clarity. There is nothing worse than convoluted features and site architecture when using an online service. It is in our hands to give you the easiest user experience you ever dreamt of.

Eagerness and accessibility. We make sure all the users of our site are here with a true desire to find love and marriage and not just hang around. Time is valuable in this era, and we know that.

Tolerance and rationality. We don’t judge people by their appearance. The only thing e we are interested in is the demeanor and intents. Be whoever you want to be and respect others!

Yumminess and swag. Yes, we are not afraid to say that we are the coolest. It will only take you so little time to understand that we have got a very good reason to be adamant about that.

Why Do Many People All Over the World Choose Us?

While many other companies that provide such services worry only about how to become richer at the expense of their users, our dating site does its best to help you find your personal happiness. A sincere desire to become a comfortable platform for dating where people finally meet their soulmates has done a good job and brought us many positive feedbacks from grateful users who live in different parts of the globe. We provide free registration, so you can easily start using this dating platform and decide whether it is suitable for you. In contrast to many services that provide alike services, here you will not run into hidden fees or unexpected price changes.

One of the crucial advantages of this dating platform is the ability to communicate with many gorgeous women who you can hardly meet in real life, especially if you don’t have much free time to look for a potential partner in an old-school way. You can be sure that you have at least one thing in common with girls of our dating site – they intend to start committed relationships and become happy with beloved partners. This very thing will help you save your time and meet many single like-minded people. We are working hard to provide our users with the best service around the clock, meeting their high demands and expectations.

How Can We Help You Find Your Perfect Match?

When it’s about helping people in finding their perfect match, it’s not enough just to want to do that. It’s necessary to use all the possible resources that other people with the great idea have provided us with. We understand that any relationship is a very subtle thing, and one should be very careful with it. Thus, we turn to machine learning and artificial intelligence to find your perfect match. It’s clear that a person’s age and a couple of pics are not enough to decide whether you fit each other or not, that’s why we consider your personal interests, values, ideas of ideal relationships and expectations. Specialists that are working on constant improvements of the dating site have developed the embedded personality tests, which analysis shows the psychological compatibility of the potential partners. What are the main advantages of that approach?

When we help you choose your perfect match, the special traits of character are considered along with your requirements for the appearance of the future partner.

Such an approach helps people avoid disappointments in their future life together.

It considers the principle of complementarity, so you will meet women with whom you will have many things in common, but differences will be presented as well. This will allow you to match each other and become a perfect couple since the similarity of all character traits does not contribute to the harmony in relationships.

It considers your requirements for the future partner as well, dividing them into compulsory and optional categories.

One of the most important improvements in the online dating site through this approach is increased security and reliability. Using predictive analytics, we can study profiles and discover those in which there is a high probability of false data.


Is It Safe to Use Our Dating Site?

Many people worry about their privacy, data protection and security on the dating sites, and for good reason since those who are looking for their personal happiness are vulnerable. We understand that very well that’s why our Anti-Scam policy is one of the most well-thought-out and reliable to rid our users of any risk of becoming a victim of scammers. We take care of your security, providing you with an opportunity to enjoy communication with charming ladies to the fullest. This dating site doesn’t disclose your personal data or use it without your knowledge. The unregistered users on the site are not allowed to view your profile as well. All the users are required to undergo security vetting, so we completely eliminate fake user pages. So, using our dating site you can focus only on having interesting communication and building healthy relationships.

Altogether, our crucial goal is to provide you with the first-class service and make sure that you spend time with pleasure, enjoying the talks with smart and beautiful women. We use all the up-to-date technologies to meet even the strictest demands of modern users. Your personal happiness is the utmost priority for us!

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